Not getting Nifty 50 Volume and Oi data in Full mode

Varadharajan edited June 2020 in Python client
I got values for Nifty 50 but it not giving values for Volumes and oi, I need values for those also.. what I need to do for that?

Example: [{'tradable': False, 'mode': 'full', 'instrument_token': 256265, 'last_price': 10257.7, 'ohlc': {'high': 10260.95, 'low': 10194.5, 'open': 10235.55, 'close': 10305.3}, 'change': -0.4618982465333231, 'timestamp': datetime.datetime(2020, 6, 25, 9, 34, 47)}]

The above data should include volume and OI also.

Instrument token used: 256265 (NIFTY 50)
  • rakeshr
    Instrument token used: 256265 (NIFTY 50)
    Above symbol/token is of Nifty 50 index. Which doesn't trade as response says 'tradable': False. OI data is only available for F&O symbols. You may refer complete instrument dump for the required symbol.
  • Varadharajan
    @rakeshr thanks for the quick response

    Connection error: 1006 - connection was closed uncleanly, im getting this error so im losing 7-10 data every 3minutes.

    What i need to do with that,

    i tried putting,
    kws.connect(threaded=true) but also im getting the same error
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