Stop loss and Take Profit

Hi I am trying to place fno positions using kite connect Java api client. I am able to place the order for an options contract at a specified limit price. However, I need to understand how the sl/tp parameters can be passed to the order data so that the trade is either booked for profit or a sl is triggered. How can I pass the sl/tp values in that sense? placeorder's orderparams does seem to use stoploss attribute but I cannot see that (i.e sl value) on the kite web. can you help me on that please?

Also, is there a method available to fetch the margin for a specific trading symbol? i.e the value displayed on the kite web. Thanks.
  • tonystark
    While placing order you can specify order type as `Constants. ORDER_TYPE_SL` and give trigger price and price.

    Margins for order is not available as part of KiteConnect at the moment.
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