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Hi ,
Since the last 3 day's I'm facing problem to connect kite API, I am getting 404 as response but in login status it showing success. Can you please help me to solve this problem. Please find attached image for reference.

  • AlgoTrader007
    Adding more details, Please below HTML response

    <strong>We're sorry but kite doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled.
    Please enable it to continue.</strong>

    !function(){var e=document,t=e.createElement("script");if(!("noModule"in t)&&"onbeforeload"in t)
    {var n=!1;e.addEventListener("beforeload",function(e){if(e.target===t)n=!0;else if(!e.target.hasAttribute("nomodule")||!n)return;e.preventDefault()},!0),

    I have enable my script in my browsers. also this was not problem before, Can you please help me to solve this issue
  • rakeshr
    You login is successful but seems like your mentioned Redirect URL post successful auth is not reachable.You can re-check your Redirect URL mentioned in API developer console.
  • AlgoTrader007
    If I try to hit login URL with api_key then it shows redirect URL. and When the same link if I try to hit in C# code is not working. as a response, I am getting a login URL with sess_id and there my code is getting broken.
    However, this behavior is from Friday, I am using same code for the last 8 months it works fine for me. Do I need to do something with Javascript enabled. I have checked all my browser having this is true.
  • AlgoTrader007

    It seems like many users ( @mrsspsurya , @sutolani@gmail.com, @saran88_tanvi ) who were using IE for login purpose facing issue. This problem is because IE is outdated. To fix this issue we need to use chrominum library cefSharp. I would like know cefSharp is safe to pass our password and pin.

  • zeeshaanbond
    @AlgoTrader007 Were you able to solve this issue in C#?? I am also getting the same error also when calling from postman too?
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