Where do i get the latest intraday margin data for stocks?

sahilsingh edited June 2020 in Python client
The site mentioned in earlier forums, https://api.kite.trade/margins/equity, does not update the margins daily(as i realised today because many of my orders were cancelled because of this).So first of all I wanted to ask when exactly does the margin for the day gets updated and where can u find the latest margin data?.I need margins inputs in my program to calculate the quantity of transaction, so please understand that this is important to me and all other traders as well.I called Zerodha support today and got to know that TATAPOWER margin multiplier was only 3 today while it is still mentioned 8.93 in a lot of the sources provided by you guys.Why dont you guys inform the traders about margin change?
  • sujith
    It is updated regularly by the RMS team. If it is missed, you can let us know, we will inform them to update the same.
  • sahilsingh
    Yeah like I mentioned in my post it was clearly missed on Monday.
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