How to open java websocket for "BSE:INFY", "NSE:INFY", "NSE:NIFTY 50" streaming for exchange ?

an you guide me to git java repo for this example pls? may be like below where i can take example/sample library for this?
I already got this link-, but looking more from existing example library for java

  • sujith
    You need to use instrument tokens for getting live feeds from websockets. You can get instrument token from the instrument master dump.
    Please go through the API documentation for 10 minutes.
    It is very important for a developer to know what is being implemented or used.
  • VICKY123
    @sujith Avoid advising me.Do you have example or not? I believe Kite API this is paid service and not a open source.

    i see subscribe function accepts only of type 'long'. Not sure how to subscribe the string values provided- "BSE:INFY", "NSE:INFY", "NSE:NIFTY 50"
    public void subscribe(ArrayList tokens)

    Also I am not getting the instrument token for "BSE:INFY", "NSE:INFY", "NSE:NIFTY 50" as given method accepts input parameter as exchange.
    List getInstruments(String exchange)

    That is why posted????
  • sujith
    We don't provide support or solutions to write strategies. This is a Kite Connect community developer forum to discuss and share technical aspects of Kite Connect which helps the community grow.
    Please note that there are no support staff here. We are all developers here like you.

    Everything required is already provided in the API documentation and client library documentation. You can go through that.

    PS: We recommend not to use aggressive comments on the forum. We will be forced to ban the user if this continues.
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