Request Token Invalidation

Dear Zerodha, @sujith
Our kite_object couldn't communicate with Zerodha server today at 9.44am. Was the request_token for our user-ID (XU8117) invalidated (refreshed) around the same time?

  • sujith
    You can know more about request token here.
  • ArthaKalpa
    Thanks for sharing the link. But, since I have traded using APIs for almost 3 months now, I guess I know how it works. My concern is more specific for today around 9.44 am - Our app credentials were to expire today. So, on the day of expiry, will the request_token be reissued once the renewal (auto-renewal) is confirmed? - Therefore invalidating the current request_token?

  • sujith
    No, an access token is not cleared after a renewal. If a session exists then it will continue to work unless logout is called on any of the apps or till the next day morning around 07:00 AM - 07:30 AM until all the access tokens are flushed.
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