Insufficient Permission error in get_gtts call

Hi Team,

While using python library getting error in below call.
print(f'Order: {kite.get_gtts()}')

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 40, in
print(f'Order: {kite.get_gtts()}')
kiteconnect.exceptions.PermissionException: Insufficient permission for that call.

I dont think the Permission error should come, as the other function is working fine:
ordId = kite.place_gtt(trigger_type=kite.GTT_TYPE_SINGLE, tradingsymbol=sym, exchange=kite.EXCHANGE_NSE, last_price=2199,
orders = [{'transaction_type':transType, 'quantity' :quantity, 'price':price, 'order_type':orderType, 'product':product ,'tag':tag}])

The error is coming only during call of get_gtts()

Regenearating token would not help, as during day it will regenerate same token.

  • sujith
    This should be resolved now.
    You can generate a new access token and start using the get GTT API.
  • sudhirtambe
    Thanks, it works now.
    Wonder what you did at backend ;)
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