Issue with Kite Connect API - Not able to retrieve Historic data for more than 100 days

Hello, I recently subscribed to Kite connect Historical API. However, when I am performing API call, I am getting historical data of 100 days only ... if anything more than 100 days, then I am getting below error kite connect.exceptions.InputException: interval exceeds limit: 100 days wondering if you are limiting to 100 days then what's the use of Historical data API?
  • ganeshv02
    @addalaus - 60 days of data if you minute chart. 100 days if you use 5minute chart. I tried to download using 60minute interval for BANK NIFTY for last 6 months. It comes back with results however the same will not work if you use minute interval or 5minute interval. Hope this clarifies.

    df_1 = pd.DataFrame(kite.historical_data(260105, '2020-01-01', '2020-07-08', '60minute', False, False))
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