Bug in "net_change" in Quote Data

Refer attached images, which are retrieved from kite.quote and captured on Kite web in 4 seconds apart for the same instrument/token.

But, if you see net_change in output of kite.quote and compare to Kite Web there is a bug. net_change in API is always 0, no matter what. I gave a search in this forum before posting this (and I found a lot of threads) where Zerodha dev support has mentioned that this data has to be provided by the exchange. But, I still feel this is an issue with Zerodha data, as two (NSE and MCX, attached pics are from MCX and other users have reported for NSE) exchanges cannot have same bug of not providing net_change data.

Moreover, I found an old thread https://kite.trade/forum/discussion/comment/19584/#Comment_19584 where I can clearly see net_change was there, and the there was a response by @sujith regarding net_change in that thread. So, till some point of time this net_change was working. (You know search function really helps at times :) )

Two exchanges cannot have same issue at the same time. Please have a look at this and resolve this issue.

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