LTP and market depth has a lag of 2 minutes


I have been working on algo trading and have found a strange anomaly.

I initiated a long trade today at 11:04 for NIFTY 23 JUL 10900 CE and here are my observations -

- My algo is reading the OHLC data to take a decision. It read the OHLC of 11:04am and took a decision to go long.
- LTP I got from API was - 136.80
- I did a market buy and got a price of 136.80 (lucky me).
- When I looked at the chart later in the day, I found that this LTP was actually of 11:06am not 11:04am.

Does this mean that ?
- oKite.GetLTP has a lag of 2 minutes.
- oKite.GetQuote is also with a lag of 2 minutes?

Can anyone help me understand this?

Thanks and regards,

  • rakeshr
    No, there shouldn't be a delay. Can you paste here a complete request and response log with the timestamp and other data?
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