need to place gtt triggers

saravananvk edited July 27 in PHP client
I am trying to place gtt triggers using kite api(php code)...
but it show error in "invalid condition param"

My part of that code is given below:(placegtt triggers)..
$o = $kite->placeGTT([
"trigger_type" => "single",
"exchange" => "NSE",
"tradingsymbol" => "TATAMOTORS",
"trigger_values" => array(95),
"last_price" => 105.5,
"orders" => array([

"transaction_type" => "BUY",
"quantity" => 1,
"product" => "CNC",
"order_type" => "LIMIT",
"price" => 96.5


so pls give solution for this issue....(error in "invalid condition param")


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