About disconnect ticker

Hello team,

Can you please let me how can i disconnect the ticker after when it is subscribed. because i m developing multiple pages and limitation is for 3 connections.
so the page i close i want to disconnect the ticker which is associated with the page so i can use connection to the next page.

  • sujith
    The ticker shouldn't be bound to a screen, it should be bound to the app's context and it should be connected on coming foreground or launch. You need to subscribe and unsubscribe for tokens based on the screen you are on.
    It is not a good practice to invoke the new connection on every page of the app.
  • deepmangukiya
    i know sir but i need this kind of stuff to trade in some ways automatically. so every strategy need a single tick to get data. if possible please suggest me a way else i will manage my code.
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