Book Offering on Zerodha API - Title 'Step by Step guide to automation using Zerodha's API'

We have writtern a book to help people understand more about algo trading and how to code strategies in python.

The book commences with basics of python and goes till coding your own strategy. It serves as step by step guide for your journey in algorithmic trading. This books also contains relevant examples wherever necessary to help in better understanding the topic.

This book walks through the process of developing algorithms on Zerodha's API. With an algorithmic system in place, traders don't have to stare at charts for hours on end. Just double click on your python application and let the API do its work.

No financial or coding knowledge is required to take up this book.

Author: Puneet Tewani ,specialises in building algorithms and has vast expertise in handling execution. We has built over 100+ algorithms on Zerodha's platform and still counting.

Buy now on: and browse the homepage
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