repeatation of instrument token

i have a few questions regarding instrument token.
1. who decides instrument token? NSE or Zerodha?

2. why are they not unique? i
i.e. lets say instrument token 12345678 is assigned nifty 12000 call option strike price .
but sometimes 12345678 is also assigned to banknifty 22500 call option strike price.

3. many times open interest data received in kite api does not match with option chain on nse website. why?
  • sujith
    An instrument token is a token that is assigned to instruments by Zerodha which is based on an exchange token. An exchange token might have duplicate like INFY's exchange token might be the same as CRUDE's exchange token on MCX. This is just hypothetical. But scenarios can happen like this.

    The exchange re-uses an exchange token when an instrument expires. So the second point you mentioned can happen.

    Kite Connect API provides live market data and the NSE website data is delayed by a few minutes.
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