Login issue on KiteXL

@HowUTrade I get the following message while logging on. "Please complete the login before doing 2FA verification."
Once I enter the PIN, it returns back to the login ID page with the above message. However I can login to Kite Web without any issue.
  • HowUTrade

    We have sent an email regarding this, you might have missed.

    We hope some changes at Kite end, have broken login support in our inbuilt webcontrol.
    To solve this issue permanently, we completely removed inbuilt webcontrol from KiteNet and added support to control chrome through selenium. You won't feel any difference.
    Pls do as follow;

    1.Make sure have latest chrome version (v85)
    2.Download EtaTrader For Zerodha API from our downloads page https://howutrade.in/downloads/
    3.Extract the downloaded zip file to a folder
    4.Run the EtaTrader_Zerodha_Setup.exe file as Admin

    That's it
    Now you can use KiteXL as earlier.

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