Buy Order Placed for NSE ended up landing in BSE ? How did that happen :)

I placed a BUY order for NSE:GUJGASLTD on FRIDAY (11-sept). Order details below from console UI.

GUJGASLTD NSE 2020-09-11 10:22:43 1100000003469624 26004580 BUY 1 295.85

But somehow the purchase was made on BSE.

Today on Sunday (13 - sept), when I queried the holdings it is showing that I have GUJGAS on BSE rather than GUJGASLTD on NSE.

This is breaking my algorithm. Please help.

  • sujith
    You can know more here.
  • pashriva
    pashriva edited September 2020
    When I query my holdings, it shows a exchange mapped to it. Also since the tickers are different for the same stock in different exchanges, it causes an issue. But anyways, thanks for looking into this.
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