Websocket data and Kite charts data


I want to get live tick data from websocket for a strategy and so want to understand, whatever data we get through websocket is same or subset of data on kite charts only, right?

I know that no broker/firm in India can get all ticks in a minute but what I want to understand is, whatever data I get from websocket is visible on kite charts or not. Because if my strategy is SL hit based on websocket LTP and if I see that price on kite charts, I am good with it but I don't want my strategy to hit SL (as per websocket) and then if I look at kite charts 1 minute candle high price is less than my SL, then it's a problem.

So, I am OK if kite charts have more ticks than websocket but I don't want the other way (websocket with more ticks than kite 1 min charts)

  • sujith
    The chart candles are build using the websocket data received from the exchange. You can check out this thread to know more about it.
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