ticker service giving wrong data ?

is there anything i need to do more to get accurate data?
code is working good to find exact open close high low. but ticker giving wrong data it seems.
attached 1 minutes bank nifty index data time 2.38 PM 14/10/2020.

2.38PM data (1 minute ticker data )
attached chart and data from ticker in text file

text ticker data file - see here

  • sujith
    The Websocket API gives you a day's OHLC. The chart data is giving you minute candles. You can check out how to build candles at your end here.
  • ashuthinks
    ashuthinks edited October 2020
    i have form a minute candle from each tick data -
    i took all ticks and store it into cache.
    then every 1 minutes i read all data and group by time and take out OHLC.
    the tick data is wrong this is too frustrating paying money and getting wrong data
    pls check below data which is given by ticker service .

  • ashuthinks
    ashuthinks edited October 2020
    all the data i printed from ticker service only if you have any other data please provide me ?
    i have use ticker.SetMode(Tokens: new UInt32[] { 260105 }, Mode: Constants.MODE_FULL);

    please kindly resolve my query sooner.

    let me post my complete code and my own github url too.
  • ashuthinks
    ashuthinks edited October 2020
    I'm missing out something please correct me as well.

    thanks a lot.

  • sujith
    Are you dumping all LTPs or OHLCs?
  • ashuthinks
    OHLC with LTP but i think you are point to use only LTPs , thanks for quick reply ,
    let me try that tomorrow . is there any way to test it after market?
  • sujith
    You can try with crudeoil now.
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