Invalid API Key or Access Token - Historical Data


I am building a trading bot in nodejs using the Kite Connect API. I am having trouble accessing historical data. I have paid for the access to historical data and my app is active. I am using the latest access token as well. The screenshots of the relevant code and the response are attached. Please let me know what is the issue.

  • rakeshr
    We generated the same URL at our end as yours and it's working fine.
    You can avoid re-building the whole URLs, param, etc, and instead use our official nodejs client, as well. Refer nodejs documentation here.
  • rish17
    Thanks @rakeshr . This is indeed puzzling. My URL seems to be fine and I tried the exactly same authentication headers for downloading instrument token data, which worked fine as well, therefore my headers are working fine too. I will have to investigate more and if it doesn't work out, probably the best wold be to use you official nodejs client
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