History not fetching till the latest

dgmattam edited November 2020 in Python client
I am fetching history (for just three days) for five different stocks in a loop. And I repeat fetching every minute. It works fine for the first three. But for the last two, it does not fetch till the latest, but till some time back (half an hour or so). And sometimes it fetches till the latest. I am observing this for the first time today.
For instance for the last stock ('BAJFINANCE'), it fetches only till 12:17 from 12:17 to 12:40. And from 12:40 onwards, it is fetching till the latest. After sometime, it again goes into similar behaviour of not fetching till the latest, and then comes back to normal some time later.
The other stock that I face this issue for is 'TATASTEEL'.

I tried scheduling an interval for 1 second between iterations to see whether I am hitting some data limit. But that does not save the day.
  • sujith
    Can you run pykiteconnect with debug logs enabled and paste the complete stack trace here?

    PS: Make sure to remove the app and client-specific details are not there.
  • dgmattam
    Sujith, This was an issue at my end. The history is fetched correctly. Apologies for the trouble.
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