Position API

The PNL in API is getting refreshed once in 15 Minutes....In worst case this should be 15 seconds.
My porfolio exists are based on this PNL and action gets taken when it is too late. By when can this be fixed?
  • sutolani@gmail.com
    This is get Positions API
  • sujith
    You can check out this thread for solution.
  • sutolani@gmail.com
    The Postion API gives a lot more data in terms of PNL, M2M, realized, Unrealized, Overnight quantity etc. My question is specific. Why is the delay 15 minutes intead of a few seconds, and whether there is any intent to correct it. If refresh interval is 15 minutes, you may as well as deprecate the API or CLEARLY Highlight in Red that delay will be 15 minutes on API document!
  • sujith
    P&L can change arbitrarily and the GET positions API is not meant for polling. It is thus not possible to provide accurate, real-time P&L with an HTTP response and the recommended way is to use WebSockets and consume real-time data and compute P&L.
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