Currency Futures: Trading symbol unknown exception

I'm receiving the following exception on placing an order (currency futures : USDINR20NOVFUT)
Scrip: USDINR20NOVFUT exception: Unknown `tradingsymbol`.

Is there anything changed?

I could see a mismatch in the name in instruments data( and the one I see in kite web watchlist. For all the futures contract for the current year, "20" is removed from instrument name ex : USDINRNOVFUT instead of USDINR20NOVFUT.

Does this impact kite api as well?

  • sujith
    Can you paste the complete params here?
  • saran88_tanvi
    Not allowing any new order now, time exceeds. What params you need? Exception clearly says "Unknown trading symbol". Can you please clear the name conflict mentioned above?
  • sujith
    You need to send a correct tradingsymbol as mentioned in the instruments master file.
    The kite app and web modify symbols to make it more readable. It has nothing to do with Kite Connect.
  • saran88_tanvi
    in the master file, I can see the same name. The below row is used to fetch the details. Can you please check

  • sujith
    Kite Connect is working fine and it is being used on many production apps without any issues. You need to give us exact params in order to investigate the issue.
  • saran88_tanvi
    symbol: USDINR20NOVFUT
    Entry: 74.17
    Target: 74.07
    SL: 74.22
    Order-Type: MARKET
    Order-Variety: co
    Transaction Type: SELL
    got the same exception: Unknown `tradingsymbol`.

    For your kind information i'm using the same code to place orders more than 2 years, never faced any issue. Tried currency futures order for the first time yesterday.

    Please check and revert if need more details.

  • saran88_tanvi
    saran88_tanvi edited November 2020
    just in case you need the code snippet
    result = _kiteInstance.PlaceOrder(TickerConstants.EXCHANGE_NSE, tradeVO.Scrip, tradeVO.GetTransactionType(), tradeVO.Quantity, (decimal)tradeVO.Entry, TickerConstants.PRODUCT_MIS, tradeVO.OrderType, TickerConstants.VALIDITY_DAY, 0, TriggerPrice: (decimal)tradeVO.SLPrice, Variety: tradeVO.OrderVarietyString);
  • saran88_tanvi
    saran88_tanvi edited November 2020
    oops, found the issue. Exchange is wrong. By default hard coded to NSE.
  • sujith
    You seem to be sending the wrong exchange value. It is a CDS exchange value for currency futures instruments.
  • saran88_tanvi
    after pasting here, found the issue. Thanks.
  • saran88_tanvi
    saran88_tanvi edited November 2020
    @sujith You can close this ticket.
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