Can we get the indicator data directly from the client?

I have been working on certain strategies for which I need data for a longer period, let's say I need EMA using 1-hour data for a period of 20. So, to calculate this I need data for at least 3 days as I can get 7 data points in one day. I want the process to be fully automated and don't want manual interference. Hence, I have thought of 2-3 methods for doing this:

1. Download data every day of any stock and once I sufficient data for the calculation of the indicator, I start using it. But there is a downside that I have to wait for certain days before I start using calculating the indicator. Also, if I couldn't download the data for any particular day, this method won't work.
2. Download the data manually and insert it as input on a daily basis. This is much efficient as I don't have to wait until the data is getting downloaded for the calculation of the indicator, but I have to manually insert the data, which I don't want.
3. Get the indicator data directly from the platform.

According to me, the third method is the most suitable method for me. But I am unable to get the proper solution for this.

Let's say if it is impossible to work out with the third method, is it possible to get the real-time data from any third party directly. So, if I want the above-mentioned indicator, I get the required data of 20 periods of 1-hour data from the source and after every 1 hour, I get the updated data.

Thanks a lot for going through this thread and giving a thought or solution to this problem.
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is purely an execution platform. We don't provide solutions for writing strategies.
    Regulations don't allow a broker to provide these kinds of solutions.
  • syker
    @sujith Thanks for pointing this out. I think I missed to read this specific rule before posting the question.

    Before closing this thread, just want to share some observations regarding the question I asked.
    Regarding the third point, "Get the indicator data directly from the Kite platform". As of today, this is impossible on Kite.
    Regarding the second point, I found an add-on on using which we can download the historical data in real-time, which helped me in automating the system.

    Kindly close this thread, cause discussion on this question would be inappropriate on this forum.
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