AWS Cloud setup for python / kiteconnect

Thanks to anyone who can help guide. I have developed some python algo which i am currently running from my machine.

Starting to port this to AWS EC2 in mumbai. I am finding this process a bit daunting - linux or ubuntu or windows servers. I keep creating multiple instances and terminating them. How to install the python or kiteconnect in it... My code includes, fast api, lightweight charts etc apart from python. Anyone has some suggestions, I am not a technical person, but learnt to code over the last 2 months... If there is any guide for moving to AWS EC2

  • ramkihtrak

    Thanks for the document. I missed logging in here for a week.

    If intereseted, i went with windows for simplicity now. I will move to linux later. Its been a heavy week figuring out the nitty gritties, working with CPU credits and rewriting the codes in native python instead of pandas to work well here. Hopefully, I will be setup by end of this week
  • ganeshv02
    ganeshv02 edited November 2020
    Interesting. Do you know the charges for a month for running in AWS EC2? Assume it is about running a EC2 instance from 9AM to 330PM IST for approximately 22 trading days. I am running currently on my laptop and would like to transfer this to AWS sometime next year.
  • sandeepdevagiri
    I use a linux vm with 2 vcpus and 1gb ram in Mumbai region. If you have a new account it will be free for 1 year, else it will cost $4.1 / month (≈ ₹310)
  • ganeshv02
    ganeshv02 edited November 2020
    Wow.. That is quite cheap. Do you turn off the EC2 instance after 3.30PM IST or leave it running?
  • getschwifty
    Would it be good to assume the costs for a similar setup with windows would be marginally higher?
  • vijoeyz
    @ganeshv02 , I turn it off. All the after-market experiments that I do, I do it on my private machine and upload changeset if required.
  • ganeshv02
    Thanks. Do u use crontab as the scheduler?
  • vijoeyz
    crontab certainly helps. Now I'm using it, but initially all was manual. However, logging into Kite will remain manual.
  • ganeshv02
    ganeshv02 edited November 2020
    I have automated zerodha login using chrome driver and selenium on windows. Not sure if the same works in Linux. I have not verified though.
  • ganeshv02
    Does AWS provide any scheduler other than crontab which comes with Linux?
  • omkarkondhekar
    omkarkondhekar edited December 2020
    move to Heroku. AWS is very hard to manage for a single project. If you add card you get 1000 hrs of CPU time per month for free usage which is more than enough
  • ganeshv02
    ok thanks for the valuable input. Haven't heard or used Heroku but will check on that too.
  • rajat86
    Hi. I am trying to automate zerodha login using chrome driver and selenium on AWS lambda but not able to. If anyone has done, can help?
  • sujith
    It is mandatory by the exchange that a trader has to log in at least once a day. We don't recommend automating login.
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