Continuous API error

: /quote/ltp?i=NFO%3ANIFTY20NOV128 00CE (Caused by ConnectTimeoutError(, 'Connection to api timed out. (connect timeout=7)'))
  • XS8910
    2020-11-20 11:36:25,665 - INFO - Placing Order Trading Symbol : NIFTY20NOV12700PE, Qty : 750, Trade_action is : BUY
    2020-11-20 11:36:35,767 - INFO -place_buy_nrml_market_order():1168- Order placement failed: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=7)
  • rakeshr
    We just checked the same, it's working fine. Can be your local network issue.
    Also, is this intermittent or continuous?
    You can have a look at this thread on a similar issue.
  • XS8910
    my algo running from Amazon cloud, Mumbai data center, i checked with Amazon customer support also...there was no issues.
  • rakeshr
    Also, is this intermittent or continuous?\
    Can you try solution given here.
  • XS8910
    ok...thank you
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