Feature Request: Nudges

Hi, Do you have an API which returns all the nudge-related data? Like:
- Which stock is illiquid
- Which stock cannot be sold on same day
- Which stock is in ASM/GSM list, etc etc

It will be good to have that information via API. (right now the Buy/Sell request just fails without a proper error msg)

  • sujith
    We don't have any API which returns a list of instruments that are illiquid, in T2T segment, in the ASM or GSM category.
    However, you can get the list from the utilities section of the Zerodha website's resource page.

    Can you give an example where order placement fails without a proper message?
    All the exceptions from Kite Connect are in this format and it has a meaningful message.
  • swas99
    Thanks for sharing this.

    I have been using ex.toString() & ex.printStackTrace() to get the error details. It displays only InputException for each of these error category.

    Let me try ex.getMessage() and see if it has the exact message.
  • swas99
    ex.getMessage() also returns null

    Issue is because the Java Client is missing a super(message);.

    ex.message should return a valid message.
  • sujith
    You can take a look at the example here.
  • swas99
    This List of illiquid scrips seems incomplete as following scrips are missing from that list :
    - IGPL
    - etc

  • KamalChhirang
    @sujith Any plan to add this in API? Zerodha already displays the nudges, providing an API for it should not be much time-consuming. I request Team Zerodha to add this in the API.

    Thank you
  • sujith
    We will figure out a way to provide the illiquid scrips list in the future as API. Currently, it is not possible to provide because of the way it is set up.
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