API for FNO stocks

zerodhaVyankatesh edited November 2020 in API clients
Hello there!

Just wanted to check-in if there is any single API through which all the data can be retrieved for all the stocks which are listed in FNO trading.
To elaborate a bit, I need to have all the equity live data for those stocks only which are traded in futures & options.
I would be grateful if anyone could possibly provide me suggestions/ guidance.

  • sujith
    Kite Connect provides all the instruments that are traded for the day here.
    You will have to filter out the ones you want at your end.
  • zerodhaVyankatesh
    Thank you for your prompt response, @sujith
  • zerodhaVyankatesh
    @sujith As per your experience, will it be possible to retrieve the data for all 137 stocks listed in FNO every minute at the market time? Or this API requires a substantial amount of time to retrieve this data?
    I was planning to have the updated equity data for FNO stocks every minute.
  • sujith
    The Quote API supports fetching data for up to 500 instruments in one request. You run it as a timer task and update your local dataset and use that as a source.
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