Duplicate price quotes?

The Kite Ticker in the quote mode gives what looks like duplicate quote. This happens within a second or two, after which it moves on to the next price and volume. For example please see below three consecutive quotes of Bank Nifty where Last Traded Price and Volume Traded Today are the same. I am assuming that these are duplicate because even if price were to remain the same within this second, the volume has to change for a new price .
I would like to confirm the same because It is important for volume based algorithms to discard duplicates, otherwise price will get wrong volume weight and hence give wrong results.

Instrument TickArrivalTimeStamp LastTradePrice VolumeTradedToday
11983362 2020-12-03 09:19:07.669 29679.95 170925
11983362 2020-12-03 09:19:07.094 29679.95 170925
11983362 2020-12-03 09:19:06.593 29679.95 170925

  • sujith
    If you want ticks only when LTP changes then you may use the LTP mode.
    In a quote mode, one can assume to get a tick whenever there is a change in any of the published data.
    A quote mode tick has a lot of data other than LTP.
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