CNC sell is needing authorisation.

I placed an order yesterday of order id: 201214001364564
It was a CNC-MARKET order of quantity: 2.

1. The day after order placement, kite.order_history(201214001364564) is not giving me any data. So I stored the data on my side.
2. Using the data I stored I am sell the same stock with the same quantity, but its giving me: 2 quantity needs authorisation at the depository. [Learn more](
3. What does this mean? will I have to put pin every time when I am exiting an CNC order? I am trying to automate it. How can I work around this.
  • sujith
    If you have a cash position that needs to be carry-forwarded then it goes to your holdings.
    On the same day, you can see it on the positions tab but the next day, it will be under holdings.

    A non-POA client has to authorize every Demat debit at the depository. This is a regulatory requirement. You can know more here. You can go to kite web or app and authorize holdings or send a POA to our head office. You can know more about the process here.
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