Historical data returning same value for both Open Interest and Volume

Hi Team,

Historical data for Future derivative is returing same value for both Volume and Open Interest.
For future derivative KOTAKBANK20DECFUT, historical data is returning value for volume as 4152000 and same value 4152000 for open Interest.
( this volume and oi is for the date 16-12-20202.)

below is the parameter values i am passing for the method getHistoricalData()

historicalData = kiteConnect.getHistoricalData(fromDate, toDate, "12038914" , "day", false, true);

Pls let me know what i am missing to get the correct value for OI.

Kirubakaran Damodaran.

  • sujith
    This the response i see
    {"status": "success", "data": { "candles":[["2020-12-16T00:00:00+0530",1952.25,1962.25,1935.45,1951,4152400,22514800]]}}
    Can you run with debug logs and paste the complete stack trace here?
    Make sure to remove session and app-specific tokens.
  • sujith
    What version of javakiteconnect are you using?
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