questions regarding order placement and latest values

I was just placing orders through the function "Order order=kiteConnect.placeOrder(orderParams, Constants.VARIETY_REGULAR);" and i found that the return value order contains empty string for status,orderType attributes but contains the correct orderId.why does not it contain the latest attributes for the order.also,what are the attributes where i can get latest update from and what are those where i will get empty or null values.

also,currently im using "List orders = getorderHistory(order.orderId)" to get the latest values for attributes status,averagePrice,filledQuantity, i right to use this function or is there any other function more suitable for getting the latest values of attributes.

then to get the latest value from "List orders = getorderHistory(order.orderId)" ,iam currently referring to the last value of the array received from i right? for eg.if i need to get the latest filledQuantity of an order,should i get the filledQuantity from each row from orders and add it or if i get the filledQuantity from the last row,it is correct value(since it may be cumulative).

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Vasisht D
  • sujith
    You can check out the API documentation to know the response format for placing an order.

    You can use order history or orderbook to know the latest status of the order.

    The order history is a list of various states of order in the system. The latest entry will have the correct filled quantity value.
  • vasisht
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