access token cannot be null

I updated my KiteXL and now getting the following error: access token cannot be null
  • HowUTrade
    Could you post the debug logs?
  • derickgeorge89
    @HowUTrade I keep getting this error very frequently. Please look into it.
    Here is the Debug log
    07:45:51.239 KITENET : Initialized
    08:33:03.348 ACCESSTOKEN : Value cannot be null.
    08:35:02.218 ACCESSTOKEN : Token is invalid or has expired.
    08:35:08.976 DISPOSE-WEBSOCK : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    08:35:09.007 WEBSOCKET-STATUS : stopped on logout
    08:35:09.007 UDPCLIENTLOGGER : End
    08:35:21.105 KITENET : Exiting
    08:36:01.247 KITENET : Initialized
    08:36:51.113 ACCESSTOKEN : Value cannot be null.

    I've observed that this error occurs when howutrade server is down
  • derickgeorge89
    @HowUTrade The same error has occured again. And the howutrade server is down. Please resolve the same at the earliest.
  • derickgeorge89
    @HowUTrade The error has re-occured. And again the howutrade server is down. Please look into it and resolve the issue. It is causing lot of hardship.
  • HowUTrade

    Our servers are powered off between 0345 to 0400 hrs only.
    If you get this error other than the above time slot, than it might be due to any of the below reasons.

    1. Your Computer/Server Network issue
    2. Network drop/congestion at Kite server
    3. Invalid or expired request token
    4. Coding/Initialization error in Excel

    We are not able to reproduce this error outside our scheduled power off timings.
  • derickgeorge89
    @HowUTrade Whenever I get this error, I try opening howutrade site, it doesn't open. It says, site is unavailable.Whereas all other sites including Kite website opens. Please help me, as I get this error atleast once a week, and it hampers my trading.
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