Need instrument name as provided in watch list at Zerodha

I am using API to get the instrument list :
As a response we are getting :: instrument_token, exchange_token, tradingsymbol, name, last_price, expiry, strike, tick_size, lot_size, instrument_type, segment, exchange

But; we are not getting the name as defined in zerodha; which helps me to provide searching easy.
Nifty 7th 21Jan 14000 CE the name is given at Zerodha; but as an api response we are getting the appropriate symbol "NIFTY2110714000CE" not the exact text.

Pease guide. I want to improve my searching feature.
  • sujith
    sujith edited December 2020
    The formatted tradingsymbol is just for readability purposes only. It has nothing to do with search.

    A plain text search on the instruments dump should do the job. If you want to further optimize the search you may breakdown the list into subsets based on segments, exchange, etc.
  • sachinstlko09
    We are getting the following details with respect to the " NIFTY2110714000CE "

    There is no such text with respect to the Nifty 7th 21Jan 14000 CE; so that we can apply search as Zerodha integrated.

  • sujith
    Like I said above, the formatted tradingsymbol is only used for readability. It doesn't have any effect on search.
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