Static token based access for non-trade APIs

I want my code to automatically send me an alert when some event occurs. But for the code to monitor the market, I need the APIs to work. But since the token expires every day , I have to login every day between a certain time window.

I understand that there are regulations that require daily login for trading activities. But what about getting quotes, etc? No transaction is happening there. That is public information, so by putting everything behind the same expiring token you are forcing the user to login every day even when it is not really required.

Please consider hiving off non-trade related APIs into a separate group which requires only static or long duration tokens.
  • sujith
    Kite Ticker data is not a public data feed, it is data provided by the exchange for members with certain restrictions. I am afraid we can't provide this feature.
    You can talk to compliance for more information about it by writing to kiteconnect(at)
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