kite.GetHistoricalData provides invalid data

Hi, For the past few days, I see the api kite.GetHistoricalData providing invalid data from what we see in Zerodha chart. Ex: For TataSteel timing 1/1/2021 12:27:00. API Parameters:TATASTEEL, [3mins], from:{12/31/2020 9:15:00 AM} To: {1/1/2021 12:27:00 PM}. In zerodha chart it is O:645.75 H:646.50 L:645.75 C:646.35. But the api provided data is
Open: 645.75
High: 646.15
Low: 645.75
Close: 645.8
Look at the difference in Close & High.
This is just a sample. I see many such a invalid data in many other stocks.

This brings a question about reliability?

Team Zerodha Please clarify...
  • sujith
    The historical data API is provided for backtesting purposes only. We recommend generating candles at your end using the live market data provided via Websockets API for live market strategies.
  • Jegan_Jeyabaskaran
    Even with this kind of invalid data, developers can't even make sure the back testing report is correct..

    Disappointed :(
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