Delay in Ticks Received

Since couple of days I observe this delay of 5-20 seconds during the day even on Kite web (I have reported this issue/ticket on Kite web) and see this on websocket to some extent as well. This does not happen through out the day, morning it is fine, but as day progresses, since couple of days have seen the delay of 5-12 seconds at times.

Zerodha needs to find a solution for this, either by adding more resources or reducing the updates for clients who DO NOT even trade with Zerodha but use the resources as FREE charting platform (this is happening a lot, if you see any tom dick and harry has an account, but uses other broker to trade, especially the Telegram/YouTube Gurus, who even ask clients to open with other brokers under their referral trade with other broker, but use Zerodha for their charting), and sadly due to these clients even genuine clients who trade actively + API clients who even pay additional Rs. 2000 PM for API also suffer, in our case it affects even more, if updates are delayed our triggers get delayed as well, a double Whammy.

Team Zerodha, find a solution for this ASAP.
  • sujith
    It seems like it is happening at the exchange adapters where data is received, we have asked the concerned team to take a look at this.
  • kiteapi
    kiteapi edited January 8
    Hey @sujith thanks for looking into this and forwarding this to concerned teams. BTW, I cross checked the ticks with tradingview (on Premium account) they were getting updates, but not on Kite, that is why I brought this issue here for your notice.

    Could you please update in this thread what they team have to say?

    While I have the ticket open, if I do not get satisfactory response to the ticket, I will try sending an e-mail to Nithin (as a last resort), before stop trading with Zerodha. Since 3-4 days stopped running Algo's due to this, just does NOT make sense.
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