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anujrathi26 edited January 11 in Java client
Question) we are using api key and using token at same time we have generated but not getting Success response.

we want to access Market quotes by using below curl
curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'X-Kite-Version: 3' \
--header 'Authorization: token kp692ie90sj838i3y:fdZDfof44Le3HtoCpf63hQZZZbYDyJBu' \
--header 'Cookie: __cfduid=d4af7c2c9dd655992cf7886d86a6fd2b91610264669'

but not getting success response from API, we are getting below 40x forbidden

"status": "error",
"message": "Incorrect `api_key` or `access_token`.",
"data": null,
"error_type": "TokenException"

  • sujith
    Never post your app or client-specific token on a public thread.

    You seem to be sending the wrong access token. You can check out more about the login flow here.
  • anujrathi26
    @sujith We have issue during java code build error is gpg: no default secret key: No secret key
    gpg: signing failed: No secret key when we run mvn clean install of given code

  • sujith
    Are you running your code or are you trying to run the library itself?
  • sujith
    How are you including javakiteconnect in your project?
  • anujrathi26
    @sujith I m trying to run the library itself and wants to run
  • sujith
    Those are just library files and java files. You need to create a new core java app and call javakiteconnect methods from there.
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