Only one user allowed to log in

Hi team
I am developing an application on top of Kite APIs. Till now I was logging in with my credentials and was able to trade via APIs.
However, when I try to log in with other credentials, it shows me that the user is not enabled on the app? Can you please help me with this? I checked on the forum and there it is posted that only one user can login? I don't understand why only one user is allowed? 
I am trying to build an app where users can log in and trade. Is it not possible to do this via kite connect? Or do I need some permissions to allow multiple users to come to my app and trade normally?
Please advise and help as soon as possible.
  • sujith
    If you are developing a platform for mass then you need to check with the compliance team. You can write to them with product details on kiteconnect(at)
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is by default provided only for personal use only Hence it is linked to the account with which the app is created.
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