Kite Historical Data Differs from Kite Chart data

ajayhemanth edited January 14 in General
Historical API data differs from Kite Chart data.
For example, Close Price of "2021-01-14 12:29:00" in Chart is "535.1", but in API is "535".
PFA the screen shots...

  • rakeshr
    You would be requesting the wrong to and fro interval w.r.t kite web candle or for difference exchange(NSE, BSE). You can go through this thread to understand this.
  • ajayhemanth
    ajayhemanth edited January 14
    Thanks for the quick response @rakeshr ...
    The API seems to be alright, but seems only the Kite's Chart is having issues. The same "ADANIPORTS" for "NSE" seems to gives different volume for the same tick after the market hours (when compared during the market hours).
    For example, compare the above image with the below one for the same "2021-01-14 12:29:00" minute candle stick. The Volume which showed as 402 for that tick now shows 5.47k (both NSE) !

  • rakeshr
    The reason for the difference is explained in this article.
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