Algo Trading Capabilities

vidhyaramkumar edited January 24 in Java client

I have implemented the algorithm trading using Kite Rest API as well as Java Client. I understood that Java Client is a wrapper of HTTP. But, I am curious to understand, does the Java client adds any latency to the API execution?

Assuming I am monitoring the 20 or more scripts (Only EQ F&Q, Index F&Q Long and Shot) of LTP and manage their order life cycle completely, latency would be a real player. I am fine with either of the method. Just trying to understand the speed of API execution.


  • sujith
    javakiteconnect doesn't add any delay, it is just a method call.

    PS: Kite Connect is not meant for HFT or latency based strategies. For HFT we suggest you go for the colo setup at the exchange.
  • vidhyaramkumar
    Thanks, Sujith. It helps.
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