Facing issue in WebSocket streaming with Kite Connect API PHP client

Hello sir,
require_once(APPPATH . 'third_party' . DS . 'kites' . DS . 'kiteconnect.php');
$kite = new KiteConnect("myzabdtfai7t2ore");
try {
echo 'aaa';
$user = $kite->generateSession("w5757f2eD2ykLX8UaW7YQkHN2Vrc7sgF", "3qa8stx9s3mkpzqtrtzru1kirr4lpa77");

echo "Authentication successful. \n";

} catch (Exception $e) {
echo "Authentication failed: " . $e->getMessage();
throw $e;

I am getting below error
Error :- Authentication failed: Token is invalid or has expired.

Note :- I am using this access token generated from https://kite.zerodha.com/connect/login?api_key=myzabdtfai7t2ore&v=3 (Once time in a day)
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