Kite and Pi

@sujith @nithin
Even though Kite is the best trading terminal available in the Indian markets right now but when compared to brokers in other market kite is not as good as it should be we cannot see multiple scripts depth at the same time, in the dark color theme the prices and p&l is shown in green and carrot red where as the market depth is shown in blue and red so there is no symmetry in that , we don't have access to live news and even if we have it don't get refereshed . Some brokers that have better trading systems when compared to our trading systems such as IG Markets, Tdameritrade,fidelity and many others and after looking at those terminals our's just feel boring .

when we see the desktop based trading terminals we at best only have nest which is so old and only show the price information and nothing else pi,nest and NOW when compared to other trading platforms are nothing but boring they dont have price ladder,live tv,live news,charts that can be freely moved, Low latency literally nothing when compared to platforms like sterling trader, thinkorswim ,tigertrade(not sharekhan one other one) and many others

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