Error: The user is not enabled on the app.

When I try to authorize the user with login URL. It gives an error saying the user is not enabled on the app. Can somebody help what does that mean?

From console:
"status": "error",
"message": "The user is not enabled on the app.",
"data": null,
"error_type": "PermissionException"
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is provided only for personal use. You can only use the app with the client id with which you had created the Kite Connect app.
  • pavanvora
    oh Gotcha, Thank you for the reply @sujith. It will be really very helpful.
    Now I'm just wondering if it is for personal use then why does it ask to Authorize the user?
  • sujith
    There are different use cases wherein people create Kite Connect apps for their clients and few people use Kite Connect for mass which needs approval from the compliance team.
    If the data is going out of our system, in general, it is good to inform the user what data is going out of our system and get approval.
  • pavanvora
    Okay, that answers my question. Thank you.
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