Only 400+ NSE listing are having historical data

Out of 6000+ NSE listing I could get historical data only for about 400+ listing. For the rest Im getting "null" response.

Is there anything wrong?
  • sujith
    sujith edited December 2016
    Hi @sin,
    Can you name some scrips for which you are getting null?
  • sin

    These are the few which don't have history. If there are unlisted/expired scrips in the getAllIntruments API, is there a mechanism to identify/filter the active listing alone?

    I need history of all the active listing for my analytical purpose. Im trying to compute the historical news article, its emotion and measure the reflection in trading.

    For this reason I would be refreshing historicalData to my local store on a daily basis. I also see the limitations here. It is throwing "Too many Request" - Network exception. What is the throttling rate and how do I overcome it?

  • sujith
    AFTEK is not being traded on NSE today, checkout NSE website.
    ALICON is not liquid try getting hour data or day's data.
    KIOCL is being traded in BE series and not that liquid, So better fetch hourly data or day's data.
    21STCENMGM is not being traded on NSE today, checkout NSE website.

    There is no mechanism to identify whether scrip is being traded on EQ, BE or BL series, that is one of the reasons why kite displays all three series so that users won't miss when it is moved from BE to EQ or vice versa.
    And definition for "ACTIVE" is different for every strategy, for one strategy a scrip is considered active if it is traded once a week and for another it might be active if it is being traded once every hour.

    API rate limit is 3 requests per second, you cannot make more than this.

    PS:For illiquid scrips I would suggest trying hour candles or day candles instead of minute candles.
  • sr11
    Hi Sujith

    The reasoning you have given in your previous post, is it the same for the below NIFTY INDICES? I always get blank results when other indices have the correct data. Please check the below instruments from your csv dump

    264201 NIFTY SMALL 100 NIFTY SMALL 100

  • sujith
    We don't have data for these indices. I don't think we can provide it either.
  • sin
    Historical Data API throttles very easily. Im trying to load graph for 20 indices in 20 seconds with 1 sec delay between each graph load. But it still throttles easily and throws "Too many request ". It hardly loads 3 to 4 graph and fails with exception.
  • sujith
    You have hit API rate limit. You can only make 3 requests per second.
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