Place order sometimes throws Input Exception


It happens sometimes that while placing order, the program throws Input Exception.
  1. It does not happen every time. It occurs once a week or so, so it's hard to reproduce and indicates that it does not seem like issue with my code.
  2. I don't retry placing orders in a loop. That is, If placing an order fails, I check my history of placed orders and by comparing them with unique orderTag, I check If order has gone through in-spite of exception before retrying.
  3. I retry 3 times before deciding to quit.
Generally the API works fine and I don't face issues. Today it happened and my program was unable to exit from SBIN @ 9:45 AM due to this and profit turned into losses.
  • sujith
    You need to read the message of the exception to know more about the reason.
    You can know more about the format here.
  • nkr
    nkr edited February 16
    Let me try and revert back
  • nkr
    The message is empty. However as its happening only on the first sell order of the day from holdings , I suspect , it is related to CSDL authorization. I have couriered my PoA forms to Zerodha office and then expect this issue to be resolved.

    Here is the order information that failed. :
    disclosedQuantity: null
    exchange: NSE
    orderType: MARKET
    parentOrderId: null
    price: null
    product: CNC
    quantity: 1
    squareoff: null
    stoploss: null
    tag: 0
    tradingsymbol: GAIL
    trailingStoploss: null
    transactionType: SELL
    triggerPrice: null
    validity: IOC
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