KiteTicker gets disconnected every few minutes


I run a kite ticker instance to subscribe to ~400 symbols. Today this ticker is getting disconnected every few minutes. I have seen such disconnections before, but it has become much more frequent today. Could you please let me know if there is any issue at your end?

FYI - I do not do any computation on_tick. I only store ticks in a queue. Following is my on_ticks method.
def _on_ticks(self, ws, ticks):
So far this has happened at following times:
2021-02-16 09:46:42+0530
2021-02-16 09:46:57+0530
2021-02-16 09:47:07+0530
2021-02-16 09:47:23+0530
2021-02-16 10:12:26+0530
2021-02-16 10:14:42+0530
2021-02-16 10:26:13+0530
2021-02-16 11:18:31+0530
2021-02-16 11:34:08+0530
2021-02-16 11:37:33+0530
2021-02-16 11:41:25+0530
2021-02-16 11:49:29+0530
2021-02-16 11:58:03+0530
2021-02-16 12:02:16+0530
2021-02-16 12:07:04+0530
2021-02-16 12:16:11+0530
2021-02-16 12:21:21+0530
2021-02-16 12:26:49+0530
2021-02-16 12:32:34+0530

Please let me know if you need more information. Thank you.
  • sujith
    This could be because you are blocking the main thread. You can checkout Websockets section in the FAQs for more information.
  • EQ2022
    I am not blocking the main thread. I have been running this for over six months now, and this issue has been happening for past few days only. Today it is quite persistent.
  • EQ2022
    EQ2022 edited February 16
    @sujith Could you please help?
  • sujith
    We have informed the team to take a look at this.
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