Any API to retrieve the Breakdown of holding

Hello Team,

I am using pykiteconnect wrapper and looking for such API to retrieve the Breakdown of a holding. Let say I have purchased 50 qty of GLENMARK at 500 and then 50 qty at 460 and then another 50 qty at 470. I am unable to see this breakdown information in Holdings or Positions or Orders API.

I just want to see the proper breakdown to know that how much qty is brought at what price and when for any particular Stock.

Quick replies will be really appreciated !!!
  • rakeshr
    No, currently we don't have the breakdown API end-points. You can only get the avg price for the required contract.
  • infoankit10
    @rakeshr you think any other workaround for this?
  • rakeshr
    No, there is no straight forward workaround until you store the daily trade book at your end and do the above calculation for the required contract/symbol.
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