Unsettled Funds in api


Margins api does not seem to provide unsettled profits in any field. I want to reconcile my balance at the start of every day.
Is this available from api ? if not, please consider this as feature request.

  • sujith
    Is this for cash or F&O?
    You are basically trying to use today's profit for next-day trading right?
  • SpacemanSpiff
    I am trading cash.
    Basically i have my own log of all trades, expenses etc and at the start of the day i run script and calculate my total capital. This i then tally with sum of balance from all brokers.

    Due to SEBI rule, gross profit gets blocked next day. That is fine, but so far i was getting the blocked balance from api ( ex 5p provides it).
    I recently moved to Zerodha and margin api i think does not provide the blocked profits. Only console has it.
    So ideally, it would be nice to have the unsettled amount in some field - not high priority issue, but would be nice to have in a future update.
    For now, i have done a workaround of removing previous day gross profit from zerodha when i try to match.
  • SpacemanSpiff
    Also, just to add, workaround fixes are not perfect since sometimes T+2 can be delayed. Like today, it looks as if profits from a day further are not yet available.
    So do consider making unsettled profits available in margin api.
  • sujith
    We are checking with the concerned team if there is a way to show this.
  • themohammedfaisal
    Hi @SpacemanSpiff, Yes, this is currently not available, however, we have this planned as part of a funds page change where we'll show unsettled credits that you'll receive on T+1/T+2. Will keep you posted.
  • SpacemanSpiff
    Hello, that's good, Console shows the final balance, so from ui point of view its not much of an issue for me.
    My request is for api also to have it. I guess you mean both UI and api might happen together.
    Thanks ..
  • sujith
    The console is a backoffice, if that data comes on a trading platform (Kite) then we can offer it to API clients as well.
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