What is order latency of Kite Api

Today observed that order round trip took almost 450 milliseconds. Similar was the case for subsequent orders that went through.

As per NSE latency report (https://archives.nseindia.com/content/CM_Latency_stats15042021.csv), the mean latency at exchange was 130 microseconds on 15-Apr

Similar latency is observed when app is run locally on high speed wifi as well as in cloud environment

Is this much network latency expected?

Below are logs for reference.

2021-04-16 09:36:04,093 - kiteApi - worker_2 - INFO - Sending Order {'orderAction': 'NEW', 'transactionType': 'BUY', 'orderType': 'MARKET', 'underlyingName': 'BANKNIFTY', 'strike': '31300 PE', 'expiryDate': datetime.date(2021, 4, 22), 'qty': 25}
2021-04-16 09:36:04,340 - kiteApi - worker_2 - INFO - Order {'orderAction': 'NEW', 'transactionType': 'BUY', 'orderType': 'MARKET', 'underlyingName': 'BANKNIFTY', 'strike': '31300 PE', 'expiryDate': datetime.date(2021, 4, 22), 'qty': 25} sent
2021-04-16 09:36:04,413 - orderListener - Thread-1 - INFO - Received Order Data
  • pranksterguru
    and the worst case is that i stopped getting order updates after 11 am . because of which , the logic of my program failed.

    if i give the trade references, would you guys be able to check if updates were sent ?
  • sujith
    It is possible that latency goes to 400ms but it can't be average. You can make some other API calls can check the latency.

    It seems like you haven't set the postback URL.
    @sujith Thanks for the confirmation. We can close the thread
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