Directly Placing order using Publisher.

I want my order to get placed directly on opening of the webpage (the HTML ).
here whenever I open the page It shows me a button So after clicking on it, I have to click on Zerodha's button "Place" to place an order. So I have to click twice to get my order placed. So can we do something with Html code where I don't need to click on the button but directly opens Zerodha's order page and I just click on the button "Place".

  • sujith
    Is this for personal use or for mass?
  • yogesh.karale
    yogesh.karale edited April 21
    I am testing for myself. But had a discussion with friends who are looking for the same. So that shortens the time to place an order. As intraday Options traders every second count.

    So, If this could go handy there are limitless possibilities of integration that people can have. And it still won't be fully automatic order placement ( as zerodha place /Cancle still appears.)
  • sujith
    You can use Kite Connect API for directly placing an order.
  • yogesh.karale
    ok.. Thanks
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